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As the summer heats up, soil erosion and dying grass become more commonplace. Luckily, Albemarle Irrigation is here to serve all of your irrigation needs. Whether it be residential or commercial Albemarle Irrigation has you covered with year round irrigation service contracts that will adapt to you and the needs of your irrigation system. Continue reading

Residential Rotors – PGP Sprinkler Adjustment Instructions

Arc Adjustment

Adjustable heads are preset to approximately 180 degrees. The PGP-ADJ is adjustable from 40-360 degrees. The PGP Ultra is adjustable from 50-360 degrees. Sprinklers may be adjusted with water on or off. It is recommended that initial adjustments be made before installation.

  1. Using the palm of your hand, rotate the turret counterclockwise to the left stop to complete any interrupted rotation cycle. Continue reading