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As the summer heats up, soil erosion and dying grass become more commonplace. Luckily, Albemarle Irrigation is here to serve all of your irrigation needs. Whether it be residential or commercial Albemarle Irrigation has you covered with year round irrigation service contracts that will adapt to you and the needs of your irrigation system.

Irrigation service contracts with Albemarle Irrigation, whether commercial or residential, always start with winterization and spring startup. Included in winterization is the cessation of the water supply to the system, which means water will be purged from the system, preventing damage in low temperatures.

Once the potential for freeze damage has passed, our specialists will come round to start up the system again, making sure that no damage has occurred by inspecting each irrigation point as water flows back through the system.

For each inspection, our specialists will check for leaks, inspect out the rain sensor if needed, and verify that all sprinkler heads are working properly and are in good shape. Weather and soil conditions can change suddenly, so our specialists can adjust the irrigation to fit the needs of any lawn.

Like people, every lawn has a different personality. That’s why we at Albemarle irrigation keep personal notes on every lawn and update them with any changes so that you, as the customer can feel safe knowing that your contract is personally looked after by one of our trained irrigation specialists.

For a free consultation, please contact us by phone at 252-338-5831 or on the web at .

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